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Why Garage Epoxy Is Important?

On February 22, 2022

When it comes to hardy surfaces like the garage, epoxy flooring does wonders for aesthetics and durability. A beautiful house is a goal for most homeowners, and everyone wants to put effort and resources into areas that will maximize this investment. At Deluxe Garages, our role is to install the desired flooring in a way that helps homeowners achieve this exact goal, and the options are endless.

What is the secret to choosing the right flooring for a home or parking garage? Professionals like Deluxe Garages recommend focusing on the quality of the material, the preferred style or texture, and the maintenance requirements. Price may also be a factor, and a material like epoxy checks all the boxes for affordability, durability, scratch-resistance, and customizable designs, even for high-traffic areas.

Feel free to chat with our flooring professionals for more about our available garage floor coatings. Or, read on to better understand the importance of choosing garage epoxy floors or other materials that fit your expectations, budget, and maintenance requirements.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

An epoxy flooring system uses a combination of hardeners and resins to create a durable floor coating. It is a synthetic material that is:

  • Extremely sturdy,
  • Stable long-term, and
  • Versatile in color, texture, and everything else

Our experts can apply epoxy to any surface, and it bonds well to almost any base layer. It is especially compatible with concrete, resulting in a hard-wearing and resistant surface that lasts for years. Epoxy remains one of the best types of coatings for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, even as technology is changing.

Why Invest in Epoxy for the Garage?

Does the current garage floor look like it is falling apart? The floor paint is likely in poor condition or slippery and peppered with stains, cracks, and other potentially hazardous signs of damage. If a new garage floor seems like a luxury, why not consider some of the benefits that come with using a substance like epoxy for a whole new look?


Epoxy floors are well known for a long lifespan compared to garage floor paints and other coating solutions. Concrete is the only material that may last longer than epoxy, but bare concrete requires regular maintenance and proper sealing to look its best as the years go by. With epoxy floor coating, it is possible to cover the concrete floor, hide imperfections, and enjoy exceptionally durable floors that are easy to keep clean.


Epoxy’s second amazing quality is its phenomenal resistance to spills. It is an ideal solution for a place that houses machinery or a car. Garage areas are particularly susceptible to oil, bleach, gasoline, transmission fluid, and chemical spills, and epoxy handles hot tire marks, high temperatures, and scratches well.


The experts at Deluxe Garages install garage floors to stand the test of time. An epoxy coating can last for decades without peeling or cracking, which is why it is increasingly popular in residential garages, commercial parking spaces, and automotive showrooms. The coating can bear cleansers and chemical substances without adverse effects on the concrete or the overall look of the floor.


Epoxy also comes in various colors, designs, and patterns for a fresh look and elegant shine. Choose from options like metallic epoxy or quartz for a unique look. We also personalize floors using flake chips in various colors and textures.


Epoxy floors are slip-, heat-, chemical-, and static-resistant. It is one of the most functional coatings in the industry and one of the safest. The shine also improves visibility by reflecting light in dark areas.


Epoxy acts as a protective coating, preventing stains, moisture pooling, cracks, and grease. Garage epoxy saves a great deal on maintenance, cleaning costs, and floor repairs. It is also competitively priced for the protection it provides.

Easy Maintenance

Don’t worry about spilling substances on a new epoxy floor—the smooth and even surface is easy to clean and difficult to scratch. It is even possible to clear marks using a wet towel and some elbow grease.

Saves Time

If drying time is a factor in the installation decision, epoxy is a winning formula. It cures and dries out fast, so property owners can use the new garage shortly after application.

Prevents Concrete Dusting

Powdering or chalking of cement floors is called efflorescence and is common in high-traffic areas that do not have adequate sealing. An epoxy coating seals this concrete dust, and the garage will look great year-round.

Why Choose Deluxe Garages for the Next Garage Epoxy Project?

Deluxe Garages is a leading Texas epoxy flooring company with flooring specialists that go above and beyond to meet customers’ needs. We install functional, decorative coatings, including:

Call Deluxe Garages at (512) 337-2292 today to discuss your garage epoxy ideas with the premier epoxy flooring specialists in the region.


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