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Your driveway takes a pounding from everything from foot and car traffic, wind, rain, debris, and freezing temperatures. All of this and more will eventually lead to unsightly chips and cracks and costly repairs if you do not adequately seal your concrete driveway, garage, and other concrete floorings. With the right driveway coating, you can extend the life of your new and existing driveways and floors as well as improve their aesthetic.

Depending on the type of traffic your driveway will see will determine the kind of driveway coating that will best suit your needs. Do you have a lot of vehicles using your driveway? Or do you want to make sure your family is safe with a slip-resistant driveway coating?

At Deluxe Garages, our driveway coatings can help extend the life of your existing or new driveway and other concrete surfaces throughout your home or office. We use a 100% solid epoxy and Polyurea base coating to protect your concrete driveway from underneath and a Polyaspartic top coating to protect it from above, ensuring your driveway will look great for many years to come.

Professional and Fast Commercial and Residential Driveway Resurface

When you need to hire a concrete coating company to resurface your driveway, you want to find the best company with a reputation for fast and friendly service and a commitment to providing professional and top-notch customer service.

At Deluxe Garages, our technicians are up to date with all training and certifications on installing and resurfacing your concrete driveways and floors. From your first call with our friendly office staff to the final walkthrough, we will be by your side to answer any questions and keep you up to date with our progress.

Fast and On-Time Installations

Our installation teams are always on time and ready to go as soon as they arrive, completing the project in as little time as possible while still providing quality craftsmanship. The Polyaspartic top coating has a fast curing time and will be ready for your vehicles within 24 to 48 hours.

Wide Selection of Colors

Home exteriors come in various styles and colors, and your driveway can now be an extension of that style with the different colors, chips, and textures. During your consultation, we can help you choose the right color and staining for your concrete overlays.

Durable and Long Lasting

With our Polyurea undercoating and Polyaspartic top coating, your concrete driveway will get the best protection and a long life with this dual protection layer.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our Polyurea coatings and a ten-year warranty on all epoxy floor coatings.

A Proven Process for Installing Your Concrete Driveway Coating

To ensure your existing driveway gets the best protection possible and will look great, we have a proven process for resurfacing and installing concrete driveways that guarantees quality work that will not chip or crack due to improper installation techniques.

  • Area preparation – Using a shot-blast or diamond-grinding technique, we will prep the area while keeping the dust to a minimum.
  • Leveling the surface – We will fill in any pits and cracks and ensure the area is level.
  • Applying the basecoat – The first layer of protection goes down with a 100% solid Polyurea basecoat to keep anything from underneath affecting the durability of your concrete driveway.
  • Chip casting – Next is your color and chip casting. The team will apply the color, chip, and texture that you selected during your free consultation.
  • Smoothing out the rough edges – Once the basecoat cures, we will smooth out the surface and scrape down the edges for a uniform look all around.
  • Adding the final protective layer – A Polyaspartic top coating goes on last to give you more durability and UV protection to prevent fading from the sunny Austin summers.

At Deluxe Garages, we will have your driveway looking better than new with our double-protective Polyurea and Polyaspartic coatings. Your new concrete overlay will give you more protection from heavy traffic and can keep your family safe with our slip-resistant concrete coatings.

Improve Your Driveway Durability and Aesthetics with an Epoxy Driveway Coating

For driveways that see a lot of traffic with heavy vehicles like large 4×4 trucks, trailers, ATV’s and other recreational vehicles, the added durability and protection of epoxy floor coatings for your concrete driveway and garage will save your pocketbook down the road.

The millimeter thin Polyaspartic top coating is more flexible and stronger, allowing heavy vehicles to come and go without cracking or chipping your driveway through constant use.

Stamping and staining a concrete overlay allows you to have different patterns and textures on your floors, and you can stain your concrete in any color you choose. You can match the color of your exterior walls or go for something bold and eye-catching. Updating your concrete driveway with color and texture will improve the aesthetics of your home and increase the value of your property.

Deluxe Garages in Austin, TX, Is Your Best Choice for Driveway Coating Resurfacing and Installations

At Deluxe Garages, our technicians will have your new concrete coating complete within 24 hours and be ready for traffic within 48 hours after the curing time is complete. With a variety of concrete overlay and epoxy floor coating options, you can create a custom look for your home while improving the durability and aesthetics of your concrete driveway.

We use Fast Cure 100% solid epoxy and Polyurea base coating and a Polyaspartic top coating for all our driveway and concrete flooring, giving you the best driveway coating system for your new or existing driveway. Plus, the 100% UV protection will keep the color of your driveway looking new for years.

Driveways are not the only thing we do. Wherever you have concrete flooring, we can help protect it, including:

Our expert installation teams at Deluxe Garages in Austin, TX, are ready to tackle your driveway resurfacing and installations in Austin and the surrounding areas. Call (512) 337-2292 today for a free consultation for the best driveway coatings in the state.

Ready to upgrade your floor?

Ready to upgrade your floor?