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A polyurea coating has the strength needed to withstand the pressure and weight of your vehicle. Applying the coating ensures your garage floor will be unscathed, allowing you to say goodbye to cracks and scratches.
You regularly subject your garage floor to oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, and other chemicals that cause stains. However, polyurea coatings only need water and a bit of soap to look as good as new again.
Many epoxy floor coatings tend to get slippery when wet, which can be a safety risk. Fortunately, polyurea coatings allow your garage floor to maintain firm traction, keeping you and your family safe from slips and falls.
Make your garage floor the envy of all of Austin, TX, with our polyurea garage floor coatings. Unlike dull paint, our coatings come in various designs, colors, and vinyl flake blends that incorporate stunning designs.

Ready to upgrade your floor?

Ready to upgrade your floor?

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