To update your concrete patio with a new pool deck coating, contact Deluxe Garages for all your pool surfacing needs.

There is nothing better than to come home from a long day and relax in your pool with your friends and family. But if your pool deck coating is chipping and cracking, it will look unsightly and potentially cause a tripping hazard for little feet. Before this happens, you should update your concrete pool deck with a new concrete overlay that will improve the aesthetics of your backyard and give you a longer-lasting, more durable concrete surface that will last for many years.

For the best pool deck resurfacing service in Austin, TX, call Deluxe Garages at (512) 337-2292. We can help update your home with new pool deck coatings that can be complete by the time you get home from work and ready for your first party within 24 to 48 hours.

Top-Rated Pool Deck Resurfacing Company in Austin, TX

Don’t just go with any handyman or DIY contractor when searching for a pool decking company with the experience to work on your backyard oasis. Put your pool deck resurfacing in the qualified hands of Deluxe Garages. Our installers are up to date with the latest concrete overlay and epoxy floor coating techniques to ensure your new pool deck will look fantastic and have the utmost protection against the blazing Austin sun.

In most cases, we can have your pool deck resurfacing complete by the time you get home from work. And within 24-48 hours, it will be ready for your first backyard get-together. Our proven application process allows us to complete your pool deck resurfacing in the shortest time possible while maintaining our high standards for quality craftsmanship.

Fast Installation

We have our installation process down to a science. Even with the many steps necessary to properly install your new pool deck coating, we complete every step precisely while maintaining our strict timeline.

Variety of Styles and Colors

With your pool deck resurfacing, you get to choose from a wide range of colors, chips, and textures to create a unique pool decking that can be an extension of your style and personality. With the different concrete overlay stamping and staining, only your imagination and budget will limit your options.

Added Durability and UV Protection

Our pool deck coatings have the dual protection of a 100% solid Polyurea basecoat to protect the underside of your pool decking and an additional level of durability and UV protection from millimeters thin clear Polyaspartic top coating. This will protect your pool deck coating from fading, chipping, and cracking and give you the added protection of a slip-resistant pool decking for when things get wet and wild.

Increase the Value of Your Property

When most people think of concrete pool decking, they think of the flat, slate-grey color that everyone remembers from their childhood. Today, Austin homeowners want more options with their pool deck coatings. They want something colorful and fun that will add value to their homes and give their backyard a unique outdoor entertainment space to relax in.

Common Pool Deck Coating Installation Problems

If you begin to see signs of cracking and chipping, or part of your decking begins to slant suddenly, don’t assume it is shoddy craftsmanship. There can be multiple reasons why your pool decking begins to deteriorate beyond age and normal wear and tear:

  • No protective coating
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Poor installation process
  • Concrete is poorly mixed
  • Plant and tree roots getting under your decking
  • Soil compaction

At Deluxe Garages, our pool coating installation process guarantees a perfect installation every time. Because we adhere to a strict timeline and carefully follow each step to allow for curing time, there is less risk of problems once the project is complete and you begin enjoying your new pool deck coating.

Our Six-Step Process for Pool Deck Resurfacing

For all of our concrete floor overlay and epoxy floor coatings, we use Fast Cure 100% solid epoxy and Polyurea basecoat, along with a clear Polyaspartic top coating for added durability and UV protection.

Our installation process includes six steps:

  1. Preparation – We will prep your existing decking using a shot-blasting or diamond-grinding technique with minimal dust.
  2. Leveling and filling – After prepping the area, all cracks, divots, and depressions will be leveled and filled.
  3. 100% Polyurea basecoat – A layer of Polyurea base coating is applied to protect your pool deck coating from damage underneath.
  4. Color, chip, and texture – The color and chip count you selected is now hand-cast before the basecoat can cure, giving you a unique look to your pool deck coating.
  5. Smoothing the surface – Once the base coat has fully cured, we will smooth out all rough edges and excess chipping.
  6. Polyaspartic top coat – The final layer of protection is a clear Polyaspartic top coating that protects your concrete deck coating from nicks, scratches, cracking, and fading.

Benefits of Updating Pool Deck Coatings

More and more homeowners are learning the value of having an outdoor area where they can relax and enjoy themselves in comfort and privacy. If you look at your backyard and it does not inspire you to come out and relax and have fun, then it is time to update your concrete pool decking with a new pool deck coating that is colorful and inviting.

Beyond the aesthetics of pool deck refinishing, there are some added benefits that you will enjoy:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Greater UV Protection
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Eye-pleasing colors and textures
  • An increase in property values

Deluxe Garages Is Your Best Choice for Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing in Austin, TX

At Deluxe Garages, we can do more than just update your concrete pool decking. Our expert installers can take on all concrete flooring and epoxy floor coating resurfacing and installations, such as garages, showroom floors, driveways, and indoor concrete flooring with various concrete overlays and staining and patios. We provide a lifetime warranty on all Polyurea coatings and a ten-year warranty on all epoxy floor coatings.

If your concrete pool decking is looking drab and lifeless, call Deluxe Garages at (512) 337-2292 for a free quote on new concrete pool deck coatings today. 

Ready to upgrade your floor?

Ready to upgrade your floor?