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Pool Deck Coatings Common Challenges

On November 15, 2022

Are pool deck coatings necessary? Coating your pool decks will add an extra protective layer and allow you to design it the way you want. At Deluxe Garages, we provide pool deck coating services in the Liberty Hill area to maintain your property and better the appearance.

Our team understands the importance of getting the best service for concrete coatings. We have the experience to handle all the services you need to keep your floors in their best shape. With our assistance, you can get the pool deck floors you need.

What Are Pool Deck Coatings?

Pool deck coatings are any material applied over concrete around the pool to make the area safer and last longer. The coating should last in summer weather and withstand cold temperatures. Some materials will work better than others, depending on how you want your pool deck area to look and feel.

Cleaning and scheduling periodic maintenance is the best way to maintain pool deck coatings. Coatings collect dirt, dust, and much more. To help save you money and time, cleaning and upkeeping your floors is the best choice in preventing any wear or tear.

A pool deck surface tends to have cracks and uneven surfaces. Pool deck coatings will help change the appearance and cover unwanted stains and damage. However, before we apply any coating, we always prepare the concrete.

Our team will ensure the concrete surfaces are even and crack-free, helping to make the coating last longer.

Some property owners may choose not to apply a coating to their concrete pool decks. However, as with any protective layers, there are some challenges in pool deck coatings. Our team will help you with any complications and ensure the service is top quality.

Common Challenges of Pool Deck Coatings

Pool deck coatings, over time, will fade and need repairs. Before you choose to apply any coating, you must understand some complications that can occur. One of the most common challenges is UV rays.

UV light can damage the coatings. In addition, some locations may have higher UV radiation, causing faster damage. For this reason, you must choose a coating material that will last longer under the sun.

Pool deck coatings also chip and peel. Some of the causes of peeling include:

  • Age
  • UV rays
  • Tough weather conditions
  • Improper surface preparation
  • Type of coating material

It is crucial to prepare the concrete by repairing any cracks and ensuring the surface is smooth and clean. The more thorough preparation, the better the material adheres to the surface. If you want to avoid chipping and peeling, trust in professionals to get top-quality materials and reliable service.

The pool area can get slippery due to the water. However, some coating materials can get slippery, which may be a safety hazard. Pool deck coatings allow you to get custom colors or decorations, and decorative flakes help add slip resistance to the coatings.

Ask our team to learn more about the coatings we have to get a slip-resistant floor. Another challenge with pool deck coatings is the freezing temperatures in some locations. A freeze-thaw cycle requires a coating that is flexible and last long.

The concrete and the coating expand and contract when temperatures change from warm to freezing. Therefore, you will most likely need frequent repairs if you get a concrete coating that can’t withstand fluctuating temperatures.

The last pool deck coatings challenge is some coatings may trap grime and other debris. For example, pebble material has holes that allow dirt and water to get through. This will cause damage to the adhesion between the coating and the concrete.

You can count on us to help you choose the proper pool deck coatings you need. In addition, our materials and methods will ensure your pool deck floors will withstand the weather and sun.

Professional Pool Deck Paintings and Coatings Services

At Deluxe Garages, we offer more than just pool deck coatings services. We provide concrete staining, metallic epoxy floorings, and much more to help residents get the best floors. Our team strives to give you a seamless experience in hiring our services.

Pool deck coatings require specific equipment and methods, and our team has the proper knowledge to apply the coating you need. We will help you with all the complications that can occur and ensure the finished project is up to your satisfaction.

Call Deluxe Garages at 512-337-2292 to discuss your needs and schedule a service. We will provide a free quote, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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