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Top 3 Tips for Concrete Pool Deck Coatings

At Deluxe Garages, we hear lots of questions from homeowners about how to protect their concrete pool decks. Our epoxy experts put together this guide to concrete pool deck coatings to explain everything you need to know about these coatings and how to prepare concrete decks.

Why Resurface Your Pool with a Pool Deck Coating?

If you want to improve your swimming pool’s appearance and safety, adding a concrete pool deck coating is a great solution. Unsealed concrete deteriorates quickly when exposed to the elements. Concrete is porous, meaning water can seep into cracks and joints, which will expand during cold weather. This expansion will cause cracking or chipping.

A slip-resistant coating on your concrete surface will:

  • Provide an attractive finish to your pool deck surface that will last for years
  • Prevent slips and falls by creating a non-slip surface that is safe for everyone in your family
  • Last longer than typical DIY projects (concrete pool deck paintings, sealers, and stains) and can prevent future damage

Concrete coatings are durable and easy to maintain, so you can enjoy a long-lasting pool deck. Let’s dive into three tips to keep in mind as you choose your concrete pool deck coating.

Top 3 Tips for Concrete Pool Deck Coatings

Did you know that concrete pool deck coatings can add natural beauty to your home? A pool deck coating will upgrade any surface and prevent the pool area from fading due to weather and other factors that would diminish its style. We’ve prepared a list of three tips for concrete pool deck coatings to help you decide what it’s best for your pool area.

1. Prepare Your Concrete Pool Deck

When it comes to pool deck coatings, preparation is key. You can’t just slap a new coating over an old one. This list of prep tips will ensure that your pool deck is ready for a new coating:

  • Sweep the surface. Remove dirt, leaves, and other debris from your deck. If there are any cracks in the concrete, fill them with grout or joint compound first so that the coating will stick properly.
  • Wash the surface. If you have one available, a pressure washer is best for this step; otherwise, use your hose to remove as much grime as possible.
  • Remove old coatings using either a stripper, power washer, or abrasive blaster. Scrub away any residue with a wire brush afterward.
  • Rinse the surface with water and let it dry completely before applying your new coating.

2. Learn about Types of Pool Deck Coatings

Many types of pool deck coatings are available today and choosing the right one can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with them first! You can go with an easy-to-apply concrete pool deck paint, also called “COOL! deck coatings,” but these may not last as long or protect your concrete as well as other coatings.

Epoxy and Polyurea: The Best Concrete Coating for Pool Decks

When it comes to pool deck resurfacing, epoxy is one of the best, most durable coatings. With a UV-stable polyurea base coat, you can protect your concrete deck against the sun’s harsh UV rays, and with a fast-cure 100% solid epoxy top coat, you get a smooth surface that protects your deck from chips and cracks—and protects your family from dangerous slips and falls. This dual-coating system lasts longer than any other pool deck coating. Polyurea is best for outdoor surfaces that need to be resistant to weathering, and stain resistance. Polyurea can also create an anti-slip surface for your deck or patio, making it an excellent choice for your pool deck!

3. Contact Deluxe Garages for Professional Pool Deck Coatings

The best way to ensure a proper pool deck coating application is to skip the DIY project and call in the experts. At Deluxe Garages, we have years of experience resurfacing pool decks, and with our polyurea and epoxy system, we can protect your pool deck from wear and tear, fading, cracking, and exposure to harsh pool chemicals.

When you’re ready to protect your pool deck, call Deluxe Garages for pool deck resurfacing. With our epoxy and polyurea system, we guarantee an eye-catching, durable, and low-maintenance way to update your pool deck area. We’ve worked on swimming pools in Austin, Round Rock, New Braunfels, and the surrounding areas, and our concrete pool deck coatings come with a lifetime warranty on peeling, chipping, and fading. If you’re ready to start your concrete pool deck coating project, call us at (512) 337-2292 for a free consultation.

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