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Is It Better to Stain or Paint a Pool Deck?

On November 9, 2022

What’s more effective: a stain or paint? A concrete deck benefits from both methods, which boost your deck’s visual appeal and extend its lifespan. How do you know which is right for your property?

Below, the experts from Deluxe Garages discuss the pros and cons of staining or painting a pool deck in Texas.

Pool Deck Stain vs. Paint: Cost

Did you know that stain is often cheaper than paint gallon for gallon? A gallon of stain is almost half the price of a gallon of exterior paint that would be suitable for pool decks. If you decide to paint the pool deck, you also need to budget for primer.

Pool Deck Stain Vs. Paint: Appearance

You can’t go wrong with wood stain if you want to give your wooden pool deck a natural look. However, a concrete pool deck can also use this idea of a transparent or semi-solid stain that only partially fills its pores. It creates a thin film over your deck’s surface, allowing the grain or stain pattern underneath to shine through.

On the other hand, the paint will fill these pores in the concrete and dry to an opaque finish, thanks to its high content of resins and pigments. The result will hide most cracks, leading to a more refined yet artificial look. If that’s what you are going for, then paint is a cost-effective solution that will also be a bold statement alongside the pool.

Pool Deck Stain Vs. Paint: Variety

Paint comes in various shades, but so do the pool deck stain products. You can choose anything, from neutral shades that blend in with the backdrop to eye-catching hues that present a more contemporary finish.

Creating a customized look for a deck is equally easy with paint and stain.

  • Paint comes in every color and finishes imaginable for endless design possibilities.
  • Acid stains can be interesting, with unpredictable effects that look like the patterns in natural stone.
  • Water-based stains suit a uniform design or one that shows off a certain image or brand.

Pool Deck Stain vs. Paint: Application Process

Whether you want to stain or paint pool deck surfaces, the first step in the process is to thoroughly clean and prepare the floor. For example, Deluxe Garages might prepare the following tasks before starting any staining project:

  • Sweeping the concrete surface
  • Scrubbing using a deck cleaner
  • Repairing damaged spots
  • Gently sanding to create an even surface

We then apply the stain using a brush or roller, paying attention to the stain’s runny consistency that prevents lumps. Using a two-in-one stain-and-sealer might be an option if you do not have time to add a clear top coat, but it may not be as effective as UV-stable polyaspartic top coats.

We recommend at least two coats of oil-based or latex paint for the best results. Otherwise, the final finish may have globs and lap marks due to the paint’s thick consistency. You’ll also need to seal it with a clear polyurethane sealer for durable functionality next to the pool.

Pool Deck Stain vs. Paint: Durability

While paint jobs can be susceptible to peeling and chipping, a stain deck finish might be more prone to heat-related discoloration. Paint may last at least ten years before needing a touch-up, and oil-based paints usually provide the best protection from moisture. Latex paints don’t have the same moisture resistance but offer exceptional resistance to UV-related fading.

Stain finishes on concrete pool decks may last up to eight years before needing reapplication. A company like Deluxe Garages offers a 7-year guarantee on concrete stains against flaking, peeling, and chipping. We wouldn’t do that unless we were confident the stain could look great beside the pool for that amount of time.

Pool Deck Stain vs. Paint: Ease of Maintenance

The glossy finish of the paint is generally easier to clean, but the matte finish of the stain might not ‘look dirty’ as much. Whether you stain or paint your pool deck, you should deep-clean it at least once yearly to eliminate contaminants like mold and bacteria. That’s the best way to maintain a healthy, non-slippery surface for everyone enjoying the swimming pool.

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What is best between staining and painting a pool deck? Now, you can make a more informed choice. A concrete pool deck does well with epoxy coating, for which we offer a ten-year guarantee.

Contact Deluxe Garages at (512) 337-2292 today to learn more about a stain or paint pool deck project in Liberty Hill, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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