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4 Benefits of an Epoxy Coating

An epoxy coating combines resins and hardeners to create chemically resistant and waterproof concrete floors for many residential, commercial, and industrial structures. It prevents brake fluid, transmission oil, gasoline, and other harmful substances from staining concrete loading bays, drive-thrus, and factory surfaces.

Every month, people talk to our technicians at Deluxe Coatings about the benefits they need and what they expect from a protective coating. Below, we give four reasons why they choose epoxy for various flooring applications.

An Epoxy Coating Is Safe and Eco-Friendly

Epoxy coatings can emit toxic fumes during application, so our technicians wear respirators and ventilate spaces properly while on the job. However, once they fasten and cure on your concrete floors, they become 100% safe and livable. The epoxy resins we use at Deluxe Garages have low volatile organic compound or VOC content and carry no harmful chemicals that remain after drying.

The fumes from epoxy coatings will not interact with the surrounding carbon dioxide and oxygen to create ozone and nitrous, which can harm nearby plant and animal life. Substances like degreasers, cleaning compounds, and paint strippers emit VOCs during storage and application, and manufacturers have taken numerous steps to prevent epoxy coats from turning out like that.

Epoxy can take days to dry, so we exclusively use EPA-compliant brands to ensure that no traces of toxins remain after curing.

Epoxy Improves the Durability of Concrete Floors

Concrete floors feature millions of tiny holes that are invisible to the naked eye. Their porousness makes them vulnerable to environmental hazards, such as rainfall, fungal spores, and stains from tire finishes. An epoxy coating will create a hard-wearing surface that can withstand continuous heavy vehicle and foot traffic without scratching, denting, and forming depressions.

At Deluxe Garages, our technicians receive numerous calls from homeowners and property managers who did not realize they needed a protective coating until it was too late. Heavy tools can fall off shelves and cabinets in your garage, forming impact craters and chips on your concrete floors. Adverse weather can lead to high humidity and severe temperature changes, making your garage floor susceptible to vapor transmission and moisture damage.

We can mix epoxy coatings with paints and other coloring agents to cover cracks and chips if your floors have already formed imperfections. Epoxy-coated surfaces, even damaged ones, will always maintain their brand-new looks longer than unprotected concrete. Deluxe Garages offers a 10-year warranty on epoxy, and we guarantee you will experience no flaking, chipping, peeling, or color changes until the warranty elapses.

An Epoxy Floor Is Cost-Efficient

Epoxy resins make the most cost-efficient and versatile option among similar protective coatings. Epoxy coatings remain the most popular choice for warehouses, hangars, and commercial parking structures that hundreds of people and vehicles traverse daily.

According to HomeAdvisor, an epoxy coating costs between $0.95 to $1.10 per square foot. Most homeowners have to pay $2 per square foot for installation, while most business owners with thousands of square feet to cover can pay $1.

High-grade Epichlorohydrin and Bisphenol A, the two main components of epoxy resins, are much cheaper to manufacture than raw materials that make up competing protectants. For example, polyurea coatings contain amine and isocyanate, making material and installation costs total about $7 per square foot.

Epoxy Coatings Give You Access to Unlimited Design Choices

An epoxy coating enables you to express yourself through your floors. It creates a transparent high-gloss finish after curing, which allows the existing paintwork of a substrate to shine through. Our technicians can also mix epoxy with any concrete floor paint, frequently working with design teams to create unique aesthetics for basements, garages, and kitchens.

We can also install blended, vinyl, solid, brindle, and mica flakes to create a textured finish before applying a polyurea topcoat. Slatwall colors like maple, almond, and charcoal are popular among our customers who favor conventional looks. Lava flow patterns and metallic colors look great in outlet stores, donut shops, and children’s ministry areas.

Why Choose Us?

Epoxy floor coatings have been the number one choice for business owners, property managers, and residents who want to protect their structural investments since its invention over 75 years ago.

Every year, our technicians at Deluxe Garages cover thousands of square feet of concrete in epoxy bases and polyaspartic top coats. Our extensive warranties and 100% customer satisfaction guarantees let our clients know that their floors will be well-protected for the next few decades.

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