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What to Know About Pool Deck Overlays

When is it time to install a concrete overlay or consider pool deck coatings? The simple answer is when you start to notice cracks and cumulative damage on your concrete. Besides durability, there are aesthetic reasons to resurface your concrete.

An overlay is an easy-to-apply upgrade that can benefit all concrete surfaces. In this post, the Deluxe Garages team discusses concrete overlays and pool deck coatings in Austin. Then, we’ll look at how to choose the right coating and how to transform your concrete pool deck.

Choosing a Concrete Overlay in Austin

By using the best coating materials, you invest in your deck’s lifespan. If you’re unsure where to start, the Deluxe Garages team can walk you through your best options.

Consider these factors when choosing a coating for a concrete slab.

Slip Resistance

Excellent traction is essential as the pool area is very wet. Reduce the risk of falls with a concrete overlay. The overlay should have the correct amount of aggregate to improve slip resistance.


Concrete surfaces are durable but highly porous. If your pool deck coatings are not waterproof, water will seep through and weaken the concrete’s integrity. Mold, stains, fading, and cracking may develop as a result.

For this reason, investing in concrete resurfacing and coatings is essential when you first see cracks or chips.


Being in the sun all day takes its toll on decking. A polyaspartic coating contains valuable UV protection that prevents sun damage and makes the surface cooler.

Use a reflective concrete overlay in Austin with clear pool deck coatings. This option is an excellent way to keep the surface comfortable in summer.

Low Maintenance

Using the correct pool deck coatings makes maintenance a breeze. The waterproof layer repels liquids and grease, making cleanup very simple.


A concrete overlay presents an opportunity to create a new look. We can add aggregates, pigments, stains, and other additives to create a unique appearance. You can also choose stamped concrete overlays that replicate expensive materials like brick, stone, or tile.

The Benefits of Overlays in Austin, TX

Reviving Older Surfaces

Overlays fill in cracks and chips and cover ugly stains. The concrete looks as good as new again in a fraction of the time of a fresh install. You can opt for a simple look or add any patterns or textures you desire.

The Overlays Go Over the Existing Concrete

There are two ways to approach rejuvenating concrete. You can either remove the existing slab or lay the new concrete over it. Unfortunately, the former is labor-intensive, takes longer, and is far more expensive.

The process is also unnecessary in most cases. Unless the surface has severe cracks or the concrete is crumbling in several areas, overlays are a perfectly acceptable alternative.

Overlays usually prove the better option because they improve the foundational layer’s durability. With this coating, we clean and prime the surface before applying the new concrete.


Would you like a white surface with hot pink polka dots or chevrons? Do you want to recreate a beachy Bali look? It’s possible to achieve many effects with an overlay, so speak to our specialists about what you wish to create.

The Benefits of Pool Deck Coatings in Austin, TX

Once you’ve chosen your new overlay, it’s time to apply it to your concrete surface. We recommend applying an epoxy coating with a polyaspartic topcoat.

The benefits of this application include:

  • Better durability: Epoxy is strong and protects the underlying concrete. However, polyaspartic is far more robust with scratch-resistant, scuff-resistant, and chip-resistant properties. Depending on your use, the combination gives you about ten to 15 years of protection.
  • UV-resistant: A polyaspartic coating filters out UV rays that would otherwise fade the epoxy. This topcoat prevents the epoxy from turning yellow or brittle in the sun.
  • Waterproof: Both coatings render the underlying surface waterproof, repelling water and other liquids.
  • Chemical-resistant: Coatings protect the concrete from the stains of chemicals like chlorine, salt, and other cleaning agents. You can easily wipe away chemicals and other spills.
  • Keeps the surface pristine: Concrete is highly durable, but its porousness makes it prone to damage. By applying concrete coatings, you prevent liquids and grease from entering the concrete.

Contact the Deluxe Garage Team in Austin, TX

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