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The 5 Pool Deck Resurfacing Options You Need

On September 20, 2022

Are you thinking about pool deck resurfacing for your property? Resurfacing your pool deck is a great option to enhance your pool area’s aesthetic appeal. Professional resurfacing hides most grime or damage and increases your property value.

There are several resurfacing options to consider. Each method will have different styles, look, and materials. If you need help choosing the best combination for your property, the Deluxe Garages team is here to advise on the five options they recommend.

Spray Texture

One of the most popular options for pool resurfacing is spray texture overlay. This method is safe and offers top-notch comfort, perfect for going barefoot. It also includes various custom effects such as colors, aggregates, and scorelines, allowing you to create a unique design.

Rubber Coating

A rubber coating is a great pool deck resurfacing method. This flexible material, often used in children’s playgrounds, is soft enough to provide peace of mind in case of falls. If safety is your main concern, rubber coating may be your best option.

Rubber coating comes in many different colors, so you can choose the shade you want to match the aesthetic you have in mind. However, rubber coating doesn’t give you quite as much design creativity as the other options.

Concrete Pool Deck Paint

Pool deck paint is an inexpensive resurfacing option with a straightforward application process. However, it is crucial to know that pool deck paint may not last long.

You may need to repaint the pool deck area once every year. Therefore, while saving money on the initial application, you may spend more over time on maintenance.

Epoxy Pebble Finish

Epoxy pebble finish combines epoxy with decorative pebbles to create customized colors and looks. It is an excellent choice if you want a unique floor design with texture. However, it is essential to remember that when the epoxy finish wears down, the pebbles may pop out and need replacing.

This option may require more maintenance to prolong its lifespan, which can be expensive. That said, it does offer a look that no other material can replicate.

Stamped Concrete

The stamped concrete overlay will help cover concrete surfaces with marks and other damages. While primarily serving as repair, stamped concrete does provide aesthetic benefits, as you can customize it to look like wood, stone, and more. Stamped concrete is costly; it’s one of the most expensive pool resurfacing options.

However, the price may be worth it since stamped concrete lasts longer than other materials and doesn’t require much maintenance. With unparalleled customization and durability, it often proves to be an excellent investment.

Other Concrete Resurfacing Options

Other options for concrete resurfacing include acrylic coating and colored concrete.

The acrylic coating is a thin layer of acrylic over your pool deck area, coloring the area and providing a design of your choice. This coating helps cover any cracks and is resistant to UV rays. Acrylic is often more affordable than other resurfacing options.

Colored concrete is an excellent option if you want more freedom in coloring. The colored coating use stains or dyes to allow for a broader range of color options. Colored concrete boasts excellent durability, so maintenance costs are lower in the long run.

Basic Steps in Pool Deck Resurfacing

You may be wondering what you can expect when a contractor comes to resurface your pool deck area. Knowing that some methods may require more steps to get your desired appearance is essential.

Here are the basic steps in the resurfacing process:

  1. The contractor treats the ground with chemicals to get it ready
  2. They clean or wash away debris
  3. They mix and prepare the coating or colors you want
  4. Workers apply the material to the pool deck area
  5. After the new application cures, the contractor covers the surface with a sealant

Hiring a reliable contractor is crucial, regardless of the resurfacing method. A contractor you can trust will give you the highest quality service and help answer any questions you may have about the different options available. They’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re happy with the results.

Best Concrete Coating Experts

At Deluxe Garages in Austin, TX, we offer all residents the best service for concrete coatings. We don’t only provide pool deck resurfacing services; we also include garages, patios, driveways, and more. Our team is experienced and strives to exceed customer expectations on every job.

Get the pool deck area of your dreams. Call Deluxe Garages at 512-337-2292 to get a free quote and learn more about your resurfacing options.

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