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Should I Get an Epoxy Garage Floor in Texas?

On February 1, 2022

Does your garage floor look old and outdated? Are you seeking practical solutions to amp up the appearance and functionality of your garage flooring? Getting an epoxy garage floor in Texas is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to revamp your garage flooring.

Why Consider Epoxy Flooring in Dallas?

Dallas, Texas, presents windy and cold winters, plus hot and muggy summers. The difference in temperatures, heavy winds, and rain can harm your garage floors, which is why many locals consider epoxy garage floor coating.

Epoxy resin flooring is an affordable, durable option to protect your floors from UV rays, water, and heavy traffic. Epoxy floors usually last 10–20 years and can last even longer with regular maintenance and adequate touch-ups.

When the time comes to replace your flaked or metallic epoxy floor, you need not remove the old flooring. Simply apply a fresh, new coat and continue with regular maintenance.

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coating in Texas

Epoxy garage floor coating can make a significant difference in your old flooring. Here are some common epoxy flooring benefits Texas homeowners enjoy.

Fast Installation

People nowadays have tight schedules and want things done efficiently. So, when you choose epoxy for your Texas garage floor, rest assured that the speedy installation time will enable you to return to your tasks and activities quickly.

Slip-Resistant Features 

For anyone looking for slippery garage floor solutions, there isn’t anything better than epoxy. The primary purpose of epoxy is to increase slip resistance in wet, grimy areas such as garages.

Having a slip-resistant floor is especially important in winter. Water and snow make floors unsafe for you and your family. Furthermore, when the floors are wet, you or someone else risk a fall and injury.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

When you install an epoxy garage floor in Texas, you seal the underlying concrete, meaning the surface will be less porous, thus minimizing the spreading of dust and dirt. Unlike a plain concrete floor, you can quickly sweep and maintain the epoxy coat.

Salt from winter roads, tire marks, and common stains don’t affect epoxy, and you can remove the build-up easily. You can clean epoxy floors swiftly using a broom, mop, or vacuum.

Heat and Chemical Resistance

Epoxy features various kinds of resistance, adding to its reputation as a long-lasting flooring solution. Epoxy is perfect for commercial and residential garages since cars can emit corrosive and destructive chemicals.

Epoxy can resist various heat levels, up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat resistance is helpful for showrooms and garages storing vehicles.

Residual chemicals from your automobile or machinery will also not affect epoxy floors. Feel free to work in your garage if your vehicles require frequent oil or brake fluids change. Epoxy is also chemical-resistant, preventing chemicals from penetrating the concrete and leaving any stains.


Epoxy is an affordable option compared to other coating solutions or flooring removal, . You don’t need to remove the current flooring, thus saving you time and money. Instead, you can retain your existing concrete and save on installation while enjoying a smooth, bright new look.

Epoxy installation requires a base and topcoat with drying time in between. However, this still beats the time and money entailed in alternative solutions. Professional installation is a valuable investment because the length of time your garage flooring stays looking vibrant makes this worthwhile.

Tiles vs. Garage Floor Epoxy in Texas

When Texas homeowners consider flooring solutions for their garage concrete, they might vacillate between choosing epoxy or tiles. Which option is better? 

You are already familiar with the benefits an epoxy garage floor in Texas brings, so let’s discuss tiles. While tiles are easy to install, can go over uneven surfaces, and have decent impact resistance, they are not easy to clean and aren’t as durable as epoxy. Moreover, you will find that tiles have numerous gaps where dirt, mold, and grime can easily build up, making this flooring option less hygienic than epoxy.

Plus, tiles present bumpy, uneven surfaces, which become problematic when encountering garage equipment and toolboxes. Tiles are susceptible to stains which leave them undesirable for catching oils spills. Finally, tiles can’t endure as much stress as epoxy.

Get Quality Epoxy Garage Floor

For best garage floor epoxy solutions, contact the #1 team in Texas – Deluxe Garages. Call (512) 337-2292 today to discuss your epoxy garage floor in Texas and get a free quote.


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