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Five Ways Stamped Concrete Can Beautify Your Home

On July 25, 2022

Imagine you are a residential property owner who is currently unhappy with the look of the floors in the exterior of your home. Your patio floor might be dull and lifeless, your walkway to your front door might be riddled with cracks, or your fireplace is stained and crumbling. If this situation resonates with you, there is no time to waste. You might have grown accustomed to the imperfections of your home, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay committed to them. Change is a good experience; changing your home for the better can be a great experience with Deluxe Garages. With Deluxe Garages, a professional team will be in and out quickly, as you will have beautiful stamped concrete in your outdoor areas. As a locally owned and trusted business, Deluxe Garages is committed to revamping homes in the greater Austin community and surrounding cities. With a plethora of coating options to choose from. The best choice for the best price is Deluxe Garages.

Stamped Concrete is a practice that originated in ancient Rome and has continued to find relevance for centuries. Stamped concrete can help make your home look lovely and increase the ambiance of your property.

Enhances Other Concrete

Stamped concrete can create a stunning finish when paired with another concrete design. For example, if you have a rock overlay for your pool deck, a look of slate or cobblestone could accompany the design beautifully. Likewise, stamped concrete is the perfect partner to other coatings to enhance the look of your outdoor area.

Brings Entrances to Fruition

Often, walkways and doorways are disregarded in the grand scheme of home improvement. However, an installation of slack stone or vertical stone can turn an average-looking home into one of luxury. Your walkway and doorway are your home’s first impression, and with stamped concrete, you’re sure to make a good one.

Smooth Finish

Stamped concrete can seamlessly make a space look natural and smooth. Professionals can manipulate stamped concrete to create a finish without any joint lines, producing a clean finish to your patio or foyer.

Patio Improvement

One of the most critical places in your home is the patio. The patio is the destination for nighttime activities and the fun center. Stamped concrete is the best look to go for when looking for a new deck. There are various colors and designs to choose from when considering a certain aesthetic, such as faux stone or tiles.

Textured Designs Light Up a Home

Stamped concrete allows textured designs to take over your home, making it a certified spot of beauty. Cobblestone, flagstone, brick, and tile can be paired with imprinted shapes to craft a throwback appearance with a hint of modern sensibilities. These textured designs are eye-popping and will be the talk of your home.

Why Choose Deluxe Garages

Deluxe Garages is the most attentive and professional concrete coatings team in Austin and its surrounding cities. Our team offers one-day coating installations, so you can go on with your day and not have to bother with a job dragged out for days. We value your time and look to work quickly, but Deluxe Garages never sacrifices quality during an installation. Our coatings are four times stronger than epoxy and will offer longevity and durability for years to come. Additionally, Deluxe Garages does not ballpark prices, we give you the quote upfront, and we never switch on the price. Our team utilizes the highest quality products and materials to get your commercial or residential job done, making sure the installation will be a job done right. For a crew that dedicates itself to the community and high-quality customer service, choose Deluxe Garages.

Get a Free Quote

Deluxe Garages is Austin’s most trusted team for concrete coating and decoration. We pride ourselves on being Austin’s #1 concrete coating expert and are committed to providing the highest quality installation and experience possible. We endeavor to make the installation experience as stress-free as possible by communicating with our customers and ensuring their concerns are heard and dealt with. Your home deserves revamped and revitalized, and the team at Deluxe Garages can do just that. Our crew is professionally trained, and though we work quickly, we do not sacrifice quality during our industry-leading six-step installation process. With guaranteed warranty and pricing, a committed crew of professionals, and a locally owned and trusted business, Deluxe Garages has to be your first choice to change your house for the better. For your free quote, call Deluxe Garages at (512)-337-2292, or visit our website for further information.

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