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Epoxy Garage Floor: Is It Worth the Investment?

On December 17, 2021

Is your garage floor full of stains, blemishes, and tire marks? Epoxy flooring may be the solution you need.

An epoxy garage floor is a fast solution to enjoying a clean, organized, and bright garage space. Epoxy is an excellent option to improve the look and feel of your garage floor, ensure durability, and protect the concrete from damage and wear and tear.

Despite the numerous benefits, many people wonder, “Is epoxy worth the hype?” It depends on your flooring needs, but in most cases, epoxy turns an ordinary and cluttered space into a beautiful and functional room. Keep reading to learn more about epoxy flooring and the benefits it provides to Austin homeowners.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring can transform the overall look, structure, and color of your floor. It is a protective coating that helps prevent damage, seal out moisture, and make floor maintenance easy.

Some homeowners confuse epoxy with paint. While some colors may contain epoxy to add to the floor’s sturdiness, flooring paint is different from epoxy. Almost all epoxy coatings contain polyamine hardeners and resin that stick onto the concrete and make the surface incredibly strong, durable, and resistant to scratches and stains.

Epoxy is a much thicker substance compared to epoxy-containing flooring paints. It also forms a stronger connection with the concrete, leading to long-lasting coverage that will protect your garage floor for the next twenty years.

Why Is Garage Floor Coating a Popular Option?

Why do Austin homeowners want an epoxy floor? What makes this coating so popular?

While it has many benefits, one of the biggest reasons is that it adds additional protection and makes liquid spills easy to clean. It also breathes new life into your outdated concrete and restores the look of your overall garage space.

Here are some other benefits that an epoxy floor can provide to local homeowners.


The climate in Austin is characterized by hot and long summers and mild winters, so it pays to have flooring that can sustain the varying weather conditions. Epoxy has a high-temperature tolerance of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is also UV and fire-resistant, making it safe for indoor and outdoor use.

An epoxy garage floor can withstand rain, sun, sand, and frequent temperature fluctuations. It is a durable coating solution that will protect your concrete, no matter the weather, and minimize wear and tear damage.

Epoxy Floor Coating Improves Safety

Epoxy floor coating can make your garage a safer place. It is slightly reflective, meaning it can brighten up the space and improve the lighting in the room. It also prevents the concrete from oily stains and hazardous chemicals that can damage the structure.

While some epoxy coatings can be slippery when wet, high-quality ones have anti-slip additives that increase the surface grip. With the right combination of additives, you can make your floor not so slick and decrease the possibility of injuries.

Superior Durability

The durability and strength of epoxy flooring make it a popular choice for garage floors. Most garage floors are susceptible to high foot and vehicle traffic, heavy machinery, and chemical spills. A garage floor without appropriate protection will wear and deteriorate sooner.

Epoxy is a resilient material – much stronger than concrete – and can sustain heavy impacts without cracking or chipping. An epoxy garage floor can support large amounts of weight, up to 10,000 pounds per square inch.

When adding epoxy to your concrete, you don’t have to worry about spilling or dropping things. It is a durable coating and almost impossible to damage.

Easy to Maintain

If you’ve ever spent a day or more cleaning your garage, you know how difficult it is to keep the place clean at all times. While everyone loves a clean garage, not all have the time to scrub the floor, wash away the dirt, and vacuum the dust.

Maintaining an epoxy garage floor is easier than a concrete floor. Over time, concrete produces dust, adding to the overall dirt, waste, and mess. With epoxy, you will seal the pores and prevent particles from spreading in the garage space.

Cleaning an epoxy floor won’t take much time either. All you need to do is clean the floor with water and soap, and if there is a stubborn stain, you can use a detergent to remove it.

Fast and Easy Installation

Another great thing about epoxy is that it is easy to install, and the whole process will only take a few hours (depending on your garage size). You won’t have to disrupt your schedule just because you have an epoxy floor installation.

Homeowners can continue with their everyday responsibilities while professional contractors do the hard work for you.

Increases Property Value

Your home is your biggest investment. Therefore, every change or home renovation project should improve the property value and attract potential buyers (if you plan on selling your property soon).

Adding epoxy is one of the best things you can do to protect your floors from wear and tear and increase your home’s value.

Invest in Epoxy Garage Floor Today

Adding epoxy flooring to your garage will make maintenance a breeze, eliminate stains, and improve the overall aesthetics. You will love how epoxy makes everything seem faster and easier, including regular cleaning and organizing.

If you want to invest in a high-quality solution for your floors, there is nothing better than epoxy. For all of your epoxy floor installation projects in Austin, TX, you can always count on Deluxe Garages.

Your Go-To Epoxy Floor Contractor

We have the industry knowledge, appropriate equipment, and necessary skill set to transform your old and outdated floors into modern, safe, and durable flooring that will last for years to come.

Give Deluxe Garages a phone call today at (512) 337-2292 to discuss your epoxy garage floor needs in Austin, TX. We are here to listen to your ideas and give you professional advice regarding flooring transformations.

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