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Does Concrete Overlay Last in Texas?

On October 10, 2022

At Deluxe Garages, our technicians answer hundreds of questions from business owners and residents about the durability of concrete overlays. Many people wonder if decorative overlays and other tinted products can last through adverse weather and years of sun exposure without cracking and discoloration.

Resurfacing your concrete patios can cost thousands of dollars, even if you choose the most cost-efficient overlay products. In this guide, our technicians outline which overlay mixes will work best for your concrete patios, driveways, and sidewalks. We’ll also discuss whether design elements like a stampable overlay are less durable than a standard application.

What Are Concrete Overlays?

Concrete overlays refer to cement-based coatings that flooring professionals apply to a concrete surface, giving it a brand-new aesthetic. People usually request it whenever high-traffic surfaces in their business structures and homes start to show signs of damage. We also work with many customers who want to refresh their interior and exterior floors by adding new design elements.

Concrete overlays can erase nearly all forms of damage on a concrete slab. They also adhere to many other construction surfaces, such as compressed sheeting, tiles, and stone, making them a popular building material for renovators and architects.

Many homeowners and business owners use concrete overlays to improve the exterior features of their properties. Their properties immediately increase in value, becoming easier to sell and rent.

Types of Concrete Overlays and How Long They Last in Texas

The lifespan of your concrete overlays depends on various factors, like the weather, seismic activity, and the quality of the installation job.

However, four types of concrete overlays have dominated the Texan market over the past five decades.


Micro-toppings give worn-out, discolored, and cracked concrete a second chance by creating a brand-new look.

Technicians usually apply multiple layers of this overlay to create a blank canvas for staining and paintwork. Fine mixes can cover smooth floors, while coarse-grade blends can erase large cracks and dents.

Micro-toppings are usually less than one inch thick, averaging around 0.25 inches after curing. Customers who want a classic multi-textured troweled look might receive application layers as thin as 0.02 inches.

Micro-toppings require a sealer and will not last longer than a year in places with heavy vehicle traffic. They can last more than five years without resurfacing on floors that experience light to moderate foot traffic.

Stampable Concrete Overlays

A stampable concrete overlay is a polymer-modified cementitious coating that technicians use for courtyards, pool decks, corridors, and entryways. A single application usually features a thickness of between 0.25 to 0.375 inches.

Technicians use a broad range of stamps to create customized patterns and textures that beautify any property. They also use dyeing techniques to produce colors and chemical stains that no other coating can provide.

Stampable concrete overlays can outlast micro-toppings by decades. They are the most versatile on the market, suitable for numerous residential, industrial, and retail environments. They can even withstand moderate vehicle traffic.

Overall, these overlays usually last between 10 to 15 years but can go up to 25 years with regular maintenance.

Multipurpose Concrete Overlays

Multipurpose concrete overlays combine concrete and sand to create a versatile coat that can accommodate staining, stencil work, spray textures, and brooming. An application requires detailed consultations with your contractor to ensure they use enough sand and concrete in the mixture, overlay the correct thickness, and utilize the additives you want.

Multipurpose overlays are popular on pool decks, balconies, outdoor dining areas, and walkways. They can last for more than ten years without resurfacing if you maintain them well. Technicians can use quartz sand, which lasts longer, or limestone sand, which gives clients more decorative options.

Self-Leveling Concrete Overlays

Self-leveling overlays help customers save time and money by eliminating multiple stages of the concrete application process. They can level out without a metal squeegee, making them a friendly option for DIYers and construction newbies.

However, these overlay materials can be temperamental. Failing to follow the instructions on the technical data sheets can lead to a highly shortened lifespan.

Most self-leveling concrete floors can last for 30 years with periodic maintenance.

Contact the Concrete Experts for More Information

For more information about concrete overlays, contact Deluxe Garages at (512) 337-2292. Our team performs 1-day installations for garage floors and concrete overlays for patios and pool decks in Austin, TX. We have a 7-year warranty for our concrete staining services, ten years for our epoxy coatings, and a lifetime warranty for our polyurea coatings

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