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Various Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems

On January 24, 2022

For anyone who has ever heard anything about garage flooring, you have definitely come across the term epoxy. Epoxy is a unique two-part solution containing an epoxide resin and a polyamine hardener to create a durable and robust plastic coating known as epoxy.

Typically, epoxy is laid over concrete; however, it can also get laid over wood, tile, VCT, and other common types of flooring materials. In addition, epoxy flooring has a very quick cure time, making it a desirable product for those home or business owners who need to use their floor quickly.

What many folks don’t know is that several different types of epoxy flooring solutions are each used for different purposes. In this article, we will explore some of these types of epoxy flooring solutions and examine the benefits and uses of each.

Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems

Here are some of the various types of epoxy flooring systems.


Self-Leveling epoxy floor coatings create a smooth surface that will cover any cracks in your floor. Self-leveling epoxy provides an aesthetic look to your floor and often appears in showrooms, office buildings, and warehouses.


Self-dispersing epoxy floors are known for their incredible durability and get used in high-traffic areas, including heavy machinery. As a result, self-dispersing epoxy often appears in manufacturing plants.


Graveled epoxy is a decorative epoxy that gives your floors the appearance of gravel and commonly gets used in residential settings.


Mortar epoxy is the toughest and most durable type of epoxy flooring. Mortar epoxy gets used in heavy traffic areas such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities.

Vapor Barrier

Vapor barrier epoxy gets used when there is a need to control or eliminate moisture.


Flaked epoxy flooring is a decorative technique that utilizes colorful flakes to create an aesthetically appealing effect. Flaked epoxy flooring commonly appears in commercial kitchens and medical facilities.

Electrostatic Dissipating

Electrostatic dissipating epoxy, also known as ESD epoxy, gets used in environments that need to reduce or eliminate static. For example, ESD epoxy prevents electrical charges from building up and releasing within the flooring. As a result, ESD epoxy often appears in hospitals, labs, and manufacturing plants.


Lastly, quartz-filled epoxy flooring will get used to creating an extra durable floor by utilizing quartz as a bonding agent. In addition to being a bonding agent, the quartz also gets used decoratively and creates an anti-slip surface. You will often find quartz-filled epoxy floors in cafeterias, lobbies, restrooms, offices, and schools.

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